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Concerned about the State of the Planet you’ve recently arrived on?

Angry at how we’re wasting the resources that you and your children will depend upon for life?

Determined to grab the wheel and change direction NOW? – before you get a day older?

This UN Day Festival is for YOU!

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Prizes of up to £1,000 will be awarded for all contributions featured in the Festival

Peace Child International, the UN Dept. for Global Communications and a network of individuals and organisations around the world are coming together to create an online event on the UN’s Birthday, Oct. 24, to update – in a simple, accessible way – how we’re doing as a planetary family: our health, well-being, how we’re getting along with each other, how sustainably we’re using planetary resources etc.?

Most of us already have a sense of this, so we invite young people to write songs, stories or speeches about how they feelings about these problems and to express their passion and commitment for doing a better job of solving them in their lifetimes than their ancestors have to date.

In our first 2021 UN Day Festival, we will focus on three issues which represent perhaps the greatest threats to human survival: 1. Pandemics (UN Goal 3); 2. Climate Emergency (UN Goal 13); 3. Peace (UN Goal 16). Selected new songs and speeches written and performed by young people + new Peace Child stories written by people of any age,  loosely linked to these subjects will be woven into the programme, an outline script of which may be read here.(coming shortly)

In future years, we shall encourage each UN Member state to make their own edition of the Festival, in their own language with a local host. We shall also make short 90-220 second summaries of the main content of the Festival to us on news programmes and teasers for the main event.

And – though not obligatory – we would love each song, story or speech to include a mention of the UN and its critical Sustainable Development Goals ambition.

See the progress we’re making on each of them by clicking here