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Peace Child Alpha Omega – a Journey to Faith

  1. The Script
  2. The Lesson Plans
  3. Conductor’s Full Orchestral Score
  4. Choir Vocal Score
  5. Video – of the Full Performance
  6. Video – of the Discussion Afterwards
  7. The Original – highly ambitious – Concept Note

Peace Child – Alpha Omega combines the original orchestral music on which the Peace Child musical was based with a totally new story that explores peace and interfaith understanding between a Christian, a Muslim, an Atheist and a Jew. They meet after a catastrophic nuclear accident has caused the evacuation of their home town. They seek safety in a Cathedral which is deserted. Cut off, with no phone or mobile signal, facing imminent death – possibly by nuclear explosion – they reflect on what may happen after death and the relevance of their faith – or lack of it – in the modern world. Peace Child – Alpha Omega is a wonderful opportunity for a school with an orchestra, choir and some talented actors to come together with a Celebrity Story-teller to stimulate a fascinating discussion – between students, staff and parents – about one of the thorniest challenges of the 21st Century.

First Performance – Ely Cathedral, Ely, Cambridgheshire – Saturday 30th January

presented  by Peace Child International, with the support of the European Commission DG Education and Culture and presented by kind permission of the Dean and Chapter of Ely Cathedral


Story-teller – Gemma Craven

Aaron – Joseph Vacher

Christopher – Regé Page

Charlotte – Elizabeth Marnie

Maryam – Cecilia Garcia

Female Soloist – Lily Karakal

Producer  –  Rosemary Simonds

Director  –  Abdul Shayek

Script  –  David Woollcombe with Rosemary Simonds and members of the Cast

Songs and Music  –  David Gordon

Arranger  –  Richard Sharpey & Richard Arnell

Conductor  –  Andrew Parnell

Choir  –  Ely Choral Society

Orchestra  –  New Cambridge Symphony Orchestra