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How to do your own Peace Child

What does it take to do your own Peace Child?

Here’s a check list:
  1. Time – you need a good three months to do a full-length Peace Child show, exploring all the issues with your cast. The Assembly presentation can be done much quicker, and Summer Camp production can be comfortably done in 2-weeks when you have your cast members all day, every day.
  2. A group of 10 to 30 talented young people: stage experience is not the definition of talent – though it is helpful if some in your cast can sing in tune, and dance gracefully. Others can be enthusiastic public speakers, activists for all kinds of causes, kids with a passion to be on stage – any youth who is prepared to devote the time and the energy needed to save the world and the things that live upon it.
  3. A Writer-Director: an experienced theatre-director who is going to draw from the young people’s ideas and fashion a musical experience that reflects their feelings and concerns, not just his/her own.
  4. A Musical Director:  some one who can play the piano, rehears the young singers, direct the Band (if you have one) – and generally take care of the music in the play.
  5. A Chorus: 30 to 100 singers on stage really enhances the impact of the show and the sale of tickets (see below). It also increases the volume of the songs and enables the inclusion of the 4-part harmonies and dual choir parts if they are able.
  6. A Choreographer: Some one to direct and rehearse the dances in the show – an experienced dancer or dance teacher who can get the children of your cast to move gracefully and with purpose. Not necessary for the Assembly Presentation;
  7. Technical Director: some one to manage the lights, sound effects and slides (if you use them). Not strictly necessary for the Assembly Presentation but vital for others;
  8. Stage Manager, Wardrobe Mistress, Props Master: Essential for the smooth management of the longer Peace Child Shows.
  9. Ticket selling, Finance and marketing committee: Peace Child shows are rarely without cost – if only the cost of props and posters / flyers. So – a small committee of dedicated ticket sellers will easily recoup the cost of mounting a show – and, because Peace Child is royalty-free, you can charge what you feel will cover the costs. So – a $500 show which will attract an audience of 100 – needs $5 tickets. And – if you have a chorus and cast of 50+ you will almost guarantee the sale of 100 tickets. This committee is also responsible for arranging the printing of the posters and flyers and getting them distributed around your community.