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What is Peace Child – the musical?

Peace Child is a happy, upbeat way for children, young people and communities to explore the major challenges confronting their own lives and that of the global community. Set in 30 to 40 years in the future when those challenges have been resolved, the play flashes back to the present day and tells the story of what the children / young people of today do with their lives to bring about the resolution of those challenges. Because the play begins and ends in a world that has solved today’s problems – it is an immensely positive experience for the children and audiences that experience it.

It currently exists in three versions:

  1. The 2-hour Youth Musical: for teen-agers and young adults (15-25) – in a story that focuses on Climate Change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals;
  2. The 90-minute Children’s Musical:  for children aged 7 to 13 – in a story that focuses on peace-building and ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals;
  3. The 20-minute Assembly Presentation: a Time-travel TV chat show involving a small cast of 10 children or young adults – which looks at how the sustainable development goals can secure a good future for the children of today.

In the archives of this website, you will find another dozen Peace Child scripts and stories – about how peace and sustainable life-styles came to many different parts of the world. But the real purpose of this website is to inspire YOU – whatever your age, nationality or background, to create your own Peace Child story – in your head, if you cannot do it on a stage!