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Welcome to Peace Child – a world where miracles happen

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Peace Child started in 1981 with a musical story of children ending the Cold War. It was performed across the USA and USSR – and 8 years later, the Cold War ended. We did it in Ireland: two years later, the Good Friday agreement happened. It went to Central America: a month after our show there, the Esquipulas Accords ended the war in Nicaragua. A recent show, Peace Child – Creating the Future we Want, performed at the United Nations in Geneva, imagines young people leading a school strike to stop climate change. In December 2018, Greta Thunberg in Sweden, and thousands of students in Australia did just that starting a  movement  that has spread around the world – almost exactly like it did in the Peace Child musical.

Children – imagining peace, imagining a world in which they, and their children and grand-children can grow up with Hope and a Future to look forward to – this is the happy ending of every Peace Child.  But each show is different. The challenge we lay before you on this website is to create your own show: figure out, with your cast of children or young people, what they would like the world to look like by the time they reach retirement age. Then flash back to the present – prioritise the problems facing us all as a global family – and figure out what they are going to do with their lives to solve them.

This website tells the extraordinary story of Peace Child – the Musical; and the scripts, scores, lesson plans, backing tracks, videos and production notes that will explain to you  “How to – …” create your own Peace Child show: one which tells the story of how your children are going to change the world for the better.  A story which when told can, like the others,  become its own self-fulfilling prophecy!