October 24th

Help the United Nations Celebrate its Birthday every year with new songs, statements and

stories for how it will achieve its goal to unite nations, peoples, cultures and generations

– Uniting Nations, Uniting Peoples, Uniting Faiths, Uniting Generations –

The last 75 years have seen the human family make great progress – much of it due to the UN’s global Thought Leadership.  As our Balance Sheets show, on its Sustainable Development Goals, the UN has made some progress, though a mountain of work remains to be done.

Peace Child International has worked with the UN for almost 40 years – and, doing our UN75 Festival in 2020, we realised that the UN has no public-facing event to mark its birthday every year on October 24.  So this UN Day Festival is our attempt to create one, and we have built this website to help schools, communities and individuals get involved and contribute in a fun way.

For decades, Peace Child has been creating books and TV programmes to help people understand the incredible work the UN does for the world: look at Rescue Mission : Planet Earth, A World in Our Hands: a Children’s History of the Past, Present and Future of the UN – Stand Up for Your Rights and many others,  – all of which got a lot of people thinking positively about the UN. This UN Day Festival is a continuation of that effort bringing new songs, speeches and stories along a factual State of the Planet Update and key measures on progress with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in a live-streamed event every year on Oct 24.

It is our way of expressing our commitment that the future the UN is trying to create for our children and grand-children can – and will – be created by this generation, even as we recognize how far we still have to go.


 Please Contribute and help the UN survive and prosper

Above all – HAVE FUN – and rekindle YOUR passion to create the future YOU want for your family, your planet and all who live upon it.

75 Years of Thought Leadership


Global Goals:
Balance Sheets